Special Silicon Wafers

We work beyond standards!

Over the years we have gained a lot of experience in the sourcing of special silicon wafers for micro-optics, micro-mechanics and other microsystem technologies. Irrespective of its´ size, shape, surface-quality, thickness, orientation, doping, flat-positioning or its´ lot size we procure enough flexibility to realize almost every wafer type. We do not provide standard wafers, because it is you who set our standards.

With our noticeably short lead times we help you to gain more reliability in production planning and therefore to increase productivity. Just let us know your needs!

We regard ourselves being service partners for our customers, so we discuss and specify their singular needs, in order to bring forward any wafer that corresponds to their special application. We as your partner also do quality control for the goods delivered. As our greatest strength, however, we consider our huge sourcing network, that enables us to take off your shoulders the often tire- and troublesome task of finding suitable suppliers.

Our silicon wafers come with a „Certificate of Conformance“ which certifies that these wafers exactly correspond to your specifications. So you are always on the safe side.