OP FineTech – A partner with a clear vision

For more than 25 years OP FineTech Corporation, based in Japan, has been manufacturing highly specialized glasses for optical and electronic devices. Quality in every aspect has always been their credo. In the year 2008 the company was certified with ISO 9001. Highly qualified experts oversee all manufacturing processes and only the latest production technologies and machines are being applied.

The range in sizes is very large with glass wafers: Outside diameters ranging from 20mm minimum to 400mm maximum, thickness of 0,2mm minimum to 40mm maximum.

Custom-built solutions can be offered as well as standardized products. Precision and purity, however, are of the same utmost importance in all products. Shape, dimensions, surface roughness and surface evenness, changes in wafer thickness and edge profiles are being measured and controlled with high technology equipment in a clean-room environment.

OP FineTech´s possibilities to clean polished glass wafers are outstanding and meet the quality standards of semiconductor manufacturers. 100% quality inspection is guaranteed and every single wafer is being visually inspected in addition.

Consequently, there are no gaps in the manufacturing process within OP FineTech – the company signs as all-in-one supplier, which conducts every manufacturing step with the highest perfection by itself.