Glass does not necessarily mean glass!

You cannot just buy glass-wafers out on the street. Looking for a good supplier can be really troublesome. Most of them have only got a very small range of products and most of the time you won´t find a product that meets your specification.

That´s very different with amcoss: searching for very special products in this range and applying utmost flexibility is almost a hobby to us. We deliver the wafers you need, regardless of the raw material, geometrical shape or dimensions. Any finishing process (i.e. thin-film coating) and wafer labelling included.

amcoss is a close partner to OP FineTech Corporation, a glass-wafer manufacturer, who can supply almost any specification. If for once this shouldn´t be the case, we scan our network in order to find a suitable supplier for your needs.

OP FineTech applies highly professional, specialized technologies in order to be able to realize wafer solutions of best quality and highest precision with regard to the following parameters:

  • wafer thickness: extremely thin wafers by double-side polishing (i.e. φ 200 x t 0,17mm)
  • size/shape: many different sizes (outside-diameter) and shapes possible with the help of special grinding technologies (also perforation, chamfer, notch, flat-orientation etc.)
  • TTV (Total Thickness Variation): utmost accuracy, least thickness variation (i.e. 8“ TTV = 0,430 µm, measured by interferometer)
  • Surface roughness & flatness: extremely smooth and plane surfaces by double-sided lapping and polishing with abrasive slurry.
  • Edge profiling: edge profiling for different edge types and edge polishing for optimally smooth surfaces with the latest technologies and equipment.

Available materials

  • Various silicate glasses (synthetic, quartz glass)
  • Various non-alkaline glasses (i.e. Eagle, BF33,…)
  • Quartz glasses
  • Optical glasses
  • Low expansion glasses
  • Semi-crystalline glasses (glass ceramics)
  • Soda-lime glasses
  • Float-glasses (expansion coefficient as in e.g. silicon)
  • Special glasses (AF 45,…)