Ferrofluid Sealings

100% leak-proof

Ferrofluid sealings are being employed in many vacuum systems for wafer processing. They do not need a lot of maintenance and are very durable.

Even though, it sometimes occurs that a ferrofluid feed through starts to leak, which happens when the magnetic ferrofluid dries out or is being contaminated. At that point repair becomes necessary.

Through one of our partners we at amcoss offer a repair service. This company has been working with ferrofluid applications for more than 20 years. You will receive a reconditioned part of extraordinary quality, at a very reasonable price delivered within a remarkably short time. You won´t ask for more!

When disassembling the sealing, a damage analysis of every single component, according to a defined procedure, is being carried through. That analysis constitutes the basis for the following individual repair procedure. Every component necessary is being repaired or exchanged. Modifications or improvements to existing feed throughs are possible. After assembly the sealing is being quality controlled, a Helium-leakage-test included.

Even when you are looking for a new part you can rely on us: We offer new standard feed throughs as well as customized new designs. In that case we will use your specifications in order to design and manufacture a completely new part. We will gladly support you if you want to change from other sealing systems to ferrofluid. Do challenge us!