Parts for Plasma Chambers

Showerheads – they are steaming

Gas distributors, so-called showerheads are exposed to very high temperatures during the deposition process within the plasma chambers. As a consequence a well-known problem occurs: showerheads quickly warp and go out of shape.

Therefore homogeneity of deposition is gradually deteriorating and eventually the electrical parameters of the deposited layer on the substrate highly deviate from the standard values.

There is only one practical solution to this problem, which is the replacement of the worn showerheads at regular intervals. Novellus OEM parts, however, are expensive. amcoss offers showerheads that correspond 100% to the OEM parts not only as far as the technical layout is concerned but also with respect to deposition results.

amcoss supplies showerheads in 6“ and 8“ versions for Concept1-chambers by Novellus with the following OEM-material numbers:

  • 16-033932-00
    Showerhead 6“
  • 16-033931-00
    Showerhead 8“