Parts for Plasma Chambers

ISO Heater Paddles – They really put the heating on

Damage to the bonded film heater on the back of conventional isotropic heater paddles through mechanical wear is a well known problem. Therefore heater paddles have to be changed frequently. Refurbishment often is not cost-efficient.

In order to meet this challenge we offer an intelligent solution with our heater paddles: Instead of an external film heater we have built-in heating wires in the aluminium paddle. Mechanical friction on the surface cannot destroy them. This increases control- as well as exchange-cycles, makes the product live longer and as a consequence more cost-effective.

amcoss supplies heater paddles for ISO-Chambers with the following OEM-numbers:

  • 853-021917-004
    Paddle 4“ HTR Assy
  • 853-021917-005
    Paddle 5“ HTR Assy
  • 853-021917-006
    Paddle 6“ HTR Assy
  • 853-021917-108
    Paddle 8“ HTR Assy
  • 853-021916-006
    Paddle 6“ ISO-HTR Assy853, IMPRV, HEATER

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