Parts for Plasma Chambers

DSQ Heater Paddles – They are in shape

DSQ heater paddles are being heated up to 280°C – which is an enormous temperature for an aluminium paddle of only 5mm thickness. After only a short time this paddle starts to warp. This effect is even increased by overheating due to incrusted thermal grease. Uniformity is no longer guaranteed. Wafers are being heated up and ashed unevenly.

Compared to common heater paddles our DSQ paddles do have an improved, innovative design. This design helps to decrease and slow down the warping. Noticeably longer and better homogeneity of the paddle with all its advantages is the result.

Additionally we do not use a bonded film heater which is prone to damage. In our DSQ paddles we have embedded heating wires which thus are very well protected.

amcoss provides heater paddles for DSQ chambers with the following OEM numbers:

  • 853-347146-004
    Paddle 5“ THR Assy High temp
  • 853-347146-005
    Paddle 5“ THR Assy High temp
  • 853-347146-006
    Paddle 6“ THR Assy High tem
  • 853-347146-008
    Paddle 8“ THR Assy High temp

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