Parts for Plasma Chambers

Second-Source in First-Class out

Periodic maintenance and exchange of special and sometimes very complex components for plasma chambers in wafer production is not an easy task for sourcing:

Procuring costs with Original Manufacturers (OEM) very often are sky rocketing and so are their lead times. OEMs sometimes don´t offer repair service even though repairs would be possible and less costly. For older equipment often there aren´t any spare parts to be purchased. Those are problems well known to all who are involved in sourcing processes.

In order to manufacture such components, however, expert know-how as well as special knowledge about materials, production techniques and detailed specifications are necessary. And – there are only a few in the market who do have this sort of knowledge.

amcoss GmbH works with partners who produce second-source components that absolutely come up to the original parts. The gain for our customers is evident:

  • noticeable cost reduction
  • short lead times for reduced down time
  • highest quality for optimum processes
  • longer lifetime for older equipment