Ceramic Parts

Special Parts – Engineering skills for outstanding ceramics

Ceramic ring

The particularity of this component lies in its extremely big diameter, requiring expert competence in production.

Material: aluminium oxide ceramic
Diameter: 600 mm,
Wall thickness: 12 mm
Application: electrical isolation of vacuum chamber components

ganzer Ring mit Lineal halber Ring mit Lineal ganzer Ring ohne Lineal

Flip Arm 8“

The characteristics of this complex ceramic module are some extremely thin component parts as well as angularly drilled tiny holes.

Materials: aluminium oxide ceramics and stainless steel
Thickness: only minimal 0,2 mm in the relieved areas
Drill hole: 8 pcs., diameter 0,9 mm, drilled in an angle of 45°
Combination ceramic to stainless steel by special bonding process
Application: wafer handling

Keramikteil mit Metall Keramikteil mit Metall Detail-0,2mm Keramikteil mit Metall Detail Keramikteil-mit-Metall-Ruckseite

Keramikteil mit Metall Detail Löcher-0,9mm Keramikteil-mit-Metall-Detail-Locher-624x380 Keramikteil mit Metall Detail Loch

Ceramic tube with grooves inside

This component is a plasma etching chamber with quite huge dimensions. The grooving structure inside the ceramic tube is very special and thus hard to produce.

Material: aluminium oxide ceramics
Dimensions: external diameter 200 mm, height 300mm
Application: plasma etching chamber

Keramikrohr_liegend Keramikrohr_innen2