Ceramic Parts

Ceramics for highest demands!

There is a wide range of suppliers for ceramic standard parts for the semiconductor- electronics- and other industries. When it comes to special parts in this field you can separate the sheep from the goats, however.

If you are looking for a supplier who is able to provide custom-built ceramic parts, especially in small quantities, but in the highest quality you are certain to have found the right partner in amcoss. We also work with second-source parts.

Our lead times cannot be beaten and our prices will certainly be to your satisfaction. One of our strongest points is profound know-how. With the best production partners at our side we are able to realize manifold special purpose solutions:

  • Thin-film or thick-film coatings, plasma-spray and electro-plating: conductive or non-conductive
  • Special bonding solutions – heat-resistant and conductive bondings
  • Components-engineering: according to your specifications we design and draw complex components using a mix of materials (ceramics – ceramics, ceramics – metal, ceramics – plastics), we have them manufactured and also supervise the production process for you.

You can choose from the following materials:

  • Aluminium oxide Al2O3
  • Aluminium nitride AlN
  • Zirconium oxide ZrO2
  • Quartz SiO2
  • Silicon carbide SiC
  • Silicon nitride Si3N4
  • Silicon
  • Sapphire
  • Graphite
  • Porose ceramics