About us

We provide solutions with an added value

Manufacturers in the semiconductor and microsystems technology industries have to face countless challenges in their often complicated sourcing processes:

Highly specialized components and spare parts for certain production processes very often are extremely difficult to obtain. Moreover they have very long lead times and in most cases they are rather pricey. Besides, suppliers for specialized, non-standard components and second-source products, that come up to the highest quality requirements, cannot be found just around the corner. Most OEMs´ often don´t offer repair services let alone special-purpose solutions.

That´s when amcoss GmbH enters the stage! With our great experience acquired in years, in the fields of wafer processing and the microchip production, we thoroughly know of the problems that can occur. So we made it our mission to help our customers find individual solutions to their specific problems in a very straightforward manner.

We at amcoss have acquired a vast product and engineering know-how, but one of our main assets doubtlessly is our great sourcing competence. We have built up a large network of suppliers and only cooperate with outstandingly professional companies.

It does not matter whether you need a glass- or silicon wafer of some extraordinary dimension, a specialized ceramics part or any other component for plasma or vacuum applications: we will assist you in tailoring the specifications to your particular needs. We will provide you with whatever you ask for.

One of our strong points is the refurbishment and repair of HDP-CVD Domes as well as ferrofluid sealings.

amcoss stands for quality, because whoever partner we entrust with one of your demands, we will always do the final quality inspection ourselves. So you as our customer can be sure to always receive top quality.